Come rain or shine, latex stands the test of time

You may recall that we spoke some time back in an earlier blog about latex printing and how it supports our – and perhaps your – green credentials.

We shared how it is a pigmented, water-based ink that has none of the volatile organic compound nasties found in solvent-based inks – things like hazardous chemicals emitting vile odours and vapours that, in some cases, are harmful not only to the environment but to people.

We mentioned, too that the prints we produce on our large format commercial latex printer using HP latex inks carry a whole swathe of internationally recognised green endorsements.

The good news doesn’t stop at latex printing’s environmental friendliness. The end results are spectacular, to, all of which means you can feel good about yourself while receiving top quality prints, every time.

Latex alone offers such a profound depth of colour, saturation, contrast and clarity. It delivers in-your-face powerful imagery that, for between 12 and 18 months in an external environment, will not fade or deteriorate, regardless of what the weather gods choose to throw at it.


Driving rain that, powered by howling winds, sweeps in horizontally? Too easy.

Direct sunlight on a 40-plus degree day out in woop woop, somewhere up Ship Creek? No worries.

This is the Chuck Norris of prints, able to survive – some would say thrive – for up to a year and a half out in the open, in the path of blazing sunlight and dramatic thunderbolt-and-lightning-very-very-frightening tropical thunderstorms.

That’s no degradation to its sharp, bright and crisp look, its impressive depth of field and its vivid representation of colour.

So, if it’s tucked behind our VitrineMedia backlit LED screens, either in the shopfront window, affixed to a mobile stand enjoying pride of place in the reception area or mounted as part of an interior wall display, its life expectancy will easily nudge the 36-month mark.

And that, in a world where messages change very quickly, is way more than enough, especially when you consider that branding and profile-raising messages tend to be seasonal and seldom exceed six months. It’s even less when we’re talking business awards and hero properties and considerably lower with standard property displays.

You can be sure the colour retention, the contrast, the clarity and the saturation will outlast the life of a particular message or promotion because latex inks comprise plastic-like particles of pigment suspended in a water-based solution. And like all inks that use pigments rather than dyes, that makes latex inks highly UV-resistant.

Another advantage is latex printing’s versatility. It can be printed on all manner of materials, including the polyethylene terephthalate – or PET – plastic coated film we use on our latex printer to provide you with the most alluring images to display in your VitrineMedia backlit static LED screens.

And finally, although a little more expensive than inkjet prints, we’ve taken a corporate decision, in line with our environmental commitment, to deliver latex prints at inkjet prices.

It’s a no-brainer, really. If part of your corporate mission is to be mindful of and sympathetic to our delicate and fragile planet without compromising on quality, latex printing is your go-to solution for all your current and future marketing, promotional and sales campaigns.

Of Thongs, Footy Shorts and Bintang Singlets…

Pull up a chair and consider the following…

You’re in the running for a job you’ve been hankering after for ages. It’s something very important to you and you want to do everything in your power to pull it off, land the gig and live the dream.

Besides being well-prepared – that’s a given and you can be sure all the other shortlisted candidates will be similarly au fait with the company, the details of the job, the expectations and the skills set
that your potential employer believes is vital to make a success of it – you need to go the extra mile, to a place beyond the norm.

You need to stand out, you need to yell “pick me, pick me” so convincingly that the person conducting the interview will feel compelled to concur.

So you wouldn’t rock up in your much-loved and sweat-stained thongs, your favourite old paint- splattered footy shorts and that tight-fitting Bintang singlet you picked up for a song on your last Bali
holiday, would you?

Of course not. You will present yourself in a manner befitting the occasion, knowing that your first impression will go a long way towards establishing a perception in the mind of the person interviewing you.

You know you have a very short window in which to make that first impression and you are determined to stride in, oozing professionalism and confidence and surrounded by an aura that says “I mean business…”

Once they get to know you, you’re able to sell your many other attributes but at the outset, when they’re trying to clamour through the noise that is the other applicants, you must be that beacon.

It’s the same with business, whether you’re in real estate, retail or a myriad other fields of enterprise. You’re also fighting the noise of successful competitors, all of whom you can be sure have the basics in place – like a website and other online sales tools, where they’re also battling a growing cacophony. So why wouldn’t you advertise and promote your website on your window in a bright, clean and cold white light VitrineMedia backlit LED screen and so drive traffic to the site?

Why wouldn’t you, as a real estate agent, display your properties in the same bright, clean and cold white light of VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens rather than continue with old acrylic property cards that, let’s be honest, are the business premises equivalent of thongs, footy shorts and Bintang singlets?

VitrineMedia. Be Remarkable!

VitrineMedia. Be Remarkable!

You need to position yourself as an outfit that wants to be in business, that wants to move forward and that is the “pick me, pick me” business, if you like.

You also need to say goodbye and food riddance to the hoary old argument that “my windows don’t do much for me…” as it is fundamentally flawed. You’re in real estate, you talk to your market daily about location, location and location being everything, you practice what you preach by establishing your business at ground level – and with expansive windows – on the high street rather than on the 19th floor of some office tower.

So why do you pay a premium if you’re getting nothing from the passing parade? The truth is, it IS about location, even more so as market conditions toughen. That’s when making every post, every touch point a winner becomes paramount and will ensure that you get the optimum outcome – the best result (read price) in the shortest period.

Ultimately, it’s all about profile and presentation. If you don’t have a them, you don’t have visibility. And without visibility, you probably don’t have a future.

Our Vision Has Just Become a Little More Vivid

Blessed with an expansive shopfront window but feeling cursed because you can’t find anything that works across such a large area? And by works, you mean provides a shining beacon that beckons prospects as much during the day as it does at night?

We hear you, we’ve scoured the market at home and abroad and we have found a solution that perfectly complements our VitrineMedia backlit LED screens and ticks all the boxes you’ve identified.

Thanks to a new relationship we’ve struck up with LG and Hewlett-Packard, we’re excited to share the news that we now are now able to offer the LG Vivid Vision product that has been taking Europe by storm and, you can be sure, is poised to do likewise across this sunburnt country of ours.

While a little different from our traditional VitrineMedia range, the LG Vivid Vision product nonetheless falls into the broad ‘backlit’ family thanks to the clever use of a special silicon diffusion layer that acts very much like a backlight film when a light source is applied to it.

The polyester-based (PET) dual vision self-adhesive window film can be printed to all sizes – either as a single print or a multitude of prints brought together as a single image on a large window in much the same way as the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle come together to deliver a final, comprehensive ‘whole’ picture.

Make your Business Remarkable with our new LG Vivid Vision displays.

Make your Business Remarkable with our new LG Vivid Vision displays.

The film is affixed to the inside of the window, making the LG Vivid Vision solution spectacular in its simplicity.

In daylight hours and when viewed from the inside, the sun’s rays give it a sparkling lightbox-type look. And when the day draws to a close and the sun dips below the horizon, the good ambient light within a business’ premises – that’s all you need, good ambient light and a clear path between the light source and the window – will deliver the same lightbox effect to the outside world.

The simplicity extends to the UV and latex printable material itself. The self-adhesive vinyl is easy to manage so much so that no outside installation skills are required – or expenses incurred – to apply it to the inside of the window. A little attention to detail, along with a sprinkling of patience that you’re sure to find among at least one member of your team is all you need to achieve a clean, smooth finish and a professional look.

The product is particularly suited to the likes of automotive dealerships, property developers and others with floor-to-ceiling glass looking to utilise every millimetre of available space. It’s also ideal in cases where there are accessibility challenges and no power supply nearby.

We are furthermore finding that LG Vivid Vision is most appealing to those seeking a relatively inexpensive – it comes in at about $300 per square metre – and short term solution. Whether for three, six or 12 months, once it has served its purpose it leaves you with another warm glow as you dispose of the fully recyclable material, keep it out of landfill and do your bit for the environment.

The arrival of LG Vivid Vision on our shores means we are now in the unique and enviable position of being able to cater for every need…and whether you choose the VitrineMedia backlit LED screens or the PET-based dual vision self-adhesive window film, you can be sure you’ll have a display that oozes light and works to raise your profile, build your brand and have prospects pouring in.

The Calm Before the Sales Storm!

We’re all familiar with the phrase “the calm before the storm” and it's mostly daunting connotations.

It’s a different matter entirely, though, in the world of real estate, where the “calm” comes in the shape of the cold white light of VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens …and the “storm” in the form of the sales surge that invariably follows their installation.

That’s largely because the light we use, without getting too technical, is 10,000 Kelvin, the Kelvin being a degree of temperature on the Kelvin scale which, in turn, is a scale used to measure the colour temperature of a light.

At 10,000 Kelvin, we’re talking cold, white and natural light in every way, oozing feel-good properties and creating an amazingly calming ambience for a guaranteed 80,000 hours – or, with 8,760 hours in a year, a tad over nine years – of non-stop light.

VitrineMedia panels at night

VitrineMedia panels at night

Free from artificial colour, what you see is precisely how nature intended it to be viewed. If you’ve ever walked past a Marine Reef Tropical Aquarium with all the fish, all the corals and the pretty colours, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’re awe-struck; you stop in your tracks and your turn around to take a closer look.

The natural, undiluted state is cold white light at play, delivering an unfair advantage and harnessing the power of light to enhance your brand, build your profile, attract new buyers and encourage
sellers to consider you when contemplating an agency.

Whether you’re a country agency looking to display your properties in small format A4 or A3 or a swish boutique agency in inner city suburbia more inclined to larger format branding, our cold white light is ready to enhance the buyer experience, celebrate your really cool space, invite prospects in to say hi, discover what’s on offer, find out what’s different about you and, most importantly, learn how you might just be the people to provide them with the real estate outcome they so crave.

It’s all about creating the environment that encourages people to deal with you, that warms them to you and your organisation, that instils in them confidence in dealing with you. They begin to visualise their property in your window and immediately know that a backlit VitrineMedia LED display offers them the best chance to obtain the best price…and in the shortest space of time.

I say VitrineMedia because there are plenty of cheap alternatives out there that will glow almost as brightly as our products, at least in the short term.

Packed with inferior filaments and overloaded with current, they’re running at way beyond capacity and, just like the foolhardy bloke who sprints off Usain Bolt-like at the start of a marathon only to fall back a few kilometres into the race – and fall into a heap soon thereafter – the “el cheapo” will hit the wall at about two years.

Its light will turn a shade of yellow before deteriorating to an off-beige colour and then, you’ve guessed it…KAPUT!

When you buy cheap, it’s suffering you reap – and we all know there is no calm in that.

Our Green Printing Delivers A Rainbow Of Brilliant Colours

Our green printing delivers a rainbow of brilliant colours

Green is the universally accepted colour for ‘go’ – and with our new VitrineMedia latex printing offerings delivering environmentally-friendly outcomes and so much more, we’d like to suggest it’s time you got going…

We have always had the environment and its wellbeing at the top of our list and, as an environmentally responsible company, our research and development efforts have produced a range of products made from materials of which 97 per cent are recyclable.

Add to that a miniscule carbon footprint thanks to insignificant power consumption – yes, between 50 and 60 of our A3 backlit LED screens chew up as much energy as just one 55-inch High Bright television – and it’s clear that we’re a company that lives by our values and practices what we preach.

In short, our actions speak louder than our words – seen most recently in the field of printing, where with the introduction of latex printing capabilities at our Sydney headquarters, the very materials we print your backlit LED screen cards and posters on are recyclable.

Our latex story has its beginnings in late 2017 when someone at an executive meeting scratched his head and thought for a moment before sharing this gem:

“We sell a world-leading product with an incredibly small carbon footprint, right?”

“Right,” the room nodded in unison.

“So why wouldn’t we take our green credentials a step further by providing our customers with small and large format prints that not only look fantastic but, when no longer required, can be disposed of in the recycle bin rather than general trash that eventually finds its way to landfill?” he questioned.

It made perfect sense and before the meeting closed, we had briefed our finest minds to explore the options and come back with a recommendation.

The version was unanimous: latex is the way to go, and for many reasons!

There’s very little fade with latex, even when exposed to harsh direct sunlight.

Then there’s the fact that the inks are waterproof, so there’s no danger – as there is with inkjet printing – of perspiring hands sullying the print quality and transferring some of the image onto your hands…or worse still, the screen cover.

What’s more, given that the inks used are all water-based means they – along with the material they’re printed one – are completely recyclable.

The other enormous advantage is the vivid colours they produce as the new latex printers read the colour files incredibly well and print them in an almost uncanny true-to-life fashion. It’s all about giving you a high contrast, high saturation print that treats colour the way nature intended.

Better still is the fact that, as part of our corporate commitment to the environment and to encourage as many of our customers as possible to embrace latex printing, we have absorbed the increased printing costs to offer you latex and all its benefits at the price of your previous inkjet printing.

And for those of you in the hospitality industry and a little concerned about its health and safety attributes, the latex prints comply with all relevant standards, making them safe to use anywhere in the establishment, including in the food preparation areas.

Happily, these messages have been getting through and since our entry into the world of latex printing in March this year, we have been flooded by requests from customers, so much so that we’re now looking to invest in even bigger printing machines.

The feedback, too, has been unequivocally positive. Apart from leaving them with the warmness that comes from being green, they’ve also been singing the praises of all the other colours of the rainbow!

Bright, vivid and strong are words they regularly utter when sharing their latex printing experiences.

Green, as I said at the outset, is the universally accepted colour for ‘go’. But it’s also associated with something else.

And when you get going with our latex printing and its exceptional quality, it’s only a matter of moments before your competitors out there are left green with envy…

Forward Thinking Takes Us Back To The Past

They say there are just two things you can be certain of in life…death and taxes.

But I reckon there’s a third – and it’s that we are all social animals, we are born to interact with our fellow citizens, we crave face-to-face encounters and when we touch the flesh it makes us feel more connected and, more importantly, more valued.

This irrefutable reality is no more prevalent than in the modern day real estate industry, where we have gone full circle over the past decade or so and are now pretty much back to the past.

Agencies have returned – and continue to return – to the concept of the high street front office store, where generous shop-front windows raise their brand and profile, celebrate their offerings and wares and draw customers in, where a memorable personal customer experience is just about guaranteed to seal the deal.

That’s not to say the intoxicating cocktail of the website and other digital media has lost its verve; rather, it’s an acceptance that both can and should co-exist, in perfect harmony, if we are to maximise our marketing vitality, drive business and improve the bottom line.

It’s an appreciation that the trend that saw companies surrender their prominent high street locations for smaller offices and sometimes even upstairs premise with little or no exposure lacked that vital ingredient of personal contact.

It’s also the realisation that, as has been the case since time immemorial, interaction with human beings lies at the very core of our existence.

Even the celebrated giants of the digital revolution and their many fantastic online business models – I’m thinking here of the likes of Alibaba, Amazon and Google, to name but a few – are beginning to establish standalone bricks and mortar retail stores as they grasp the importance of the human touch.

They further understand that the digital marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded, there is so much more information out there and messages are being drowned out and lost amid the clutter.

They know the missing ingredient is a shopfront that not only informs people that they’re more than an online business but one that values face-to-face interaction.

If you happen to drive by or walk past the premises, you will immediately know what line of business they are in, you will absorb the brand name and take in details such as contact numbers and web addresses.

Without a bold high street shopfront that shares your key messages via the feel-good magnetism that’s inherent to the cold white light of VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens, you run the risk of being invisible – and of losing a potential client to a competitor who has taken the time and trouble and gone to the expense of promoting his brand and raising his profile.

Which happens to be a neat segue to the perennial question about just how much business actually comes from the windows in the digital age…?

In my experience and by my calculations, when people tell me they get 50 per cent of their business from the website, about 40 per cent from referrals and a little from repeat business – and then nonchalantly add that the window is pretty much irrelevant as it accounts for perhaps five per cent of business, I figure they must be doing exceptionally well as they’re happy to walk away from about $100,000 in income each year.

Let’s assume an agency records 20 sales a month. With five per cent coming from the window, that’s one sale a month at an average commission of about $8,000. Over 12 months, that’s just shy of $100,000. And that’s without taking into account web sales that might well have been sparked by window visitations.

Companies that invest but a fraction of that in VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens to display their products and attract people to the business – either by entering the premises or noting and visiting the web address – receive a return on investment in no time at all…and for years to come as the LED panels are guaranteed for 80,000 hours of continuous usage. Put another way, it’s about nine long years.

Yes, the message is clear. The most forward-thinking businesses are seeing the light and going back to the past!

If It's A Fake, It Will Break!

If It's A Fake, It Will Break!

It seems the old adage of “fake it until you make it” remains alive and well.

And none more so than in the world of backlit LED displays, where a glut of no-name brands – or poorly copied replicas of quality brand names – are flooding the market and, in almost every case, leaving the poor purchaser disillusioned and out of pocket.

That’s because, thankfully, another old adage remains as much alive and well…

If it’s a fake, it will break!