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When a red-faced moment delivered a silver lining for C21 Caloundra and VitrineMedia
Those among us still doubting the crucial role service plays in the overall business mix would do well to heed the story of Matt Tucker and Grant Goodrum, the co-principals of Century 21’s office in Caloundra on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.
The two young property professionals who took over the agency some 18 months ago are sticklers for customer service. It’s in their DNA, it has been the driver in their successful careers and it continues to define them and their business.
And while there is a provider of backlit LED screens out there feeling a little red-faced for failing to grasp this essential ingredient, its blasé behaviour has had a silver lining.
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It not only opened the door for VitrineMedia but delivered what Matt and Grant have always wanted in a business partner – a company that provides quality products, stands by them and appreciates the pivotal part service plays in all successful relationships.
As Matt recounts, C21 Lifestyle Caloundra’s focus is to offer a premium service backed by knowledge gained from years of experience and boosted by a passion they feel is largely missing in the Caloundra real estate market.
“Unfortunately, the service commitment from our then LED screens supplier was also missing and despite airing our misgivings to the company’s head office, nothing was done to address what we believe were very reasonable concerns.
“That’s when we took the decision to call VitrineMedia’s State Sales Manager for Queensland, Enrico Barone, with whom we’d had occasional dealings in the past.
“He responded with alacrity, visited us the following day and worked collaboratively to arrive at a win-win solution for both parties,” recalls Matt.
The value-for-money outcome saw C21 Lifestyle Caloundra remove its previous 16 competitor screens in September 2018, replace them with VitrineMedia A3 backlit LED screens and add another 19 VitrineMedia A3 screens to the suite, bringing the total installation to 35 screens.

VitrineMedia, for its part, contributed to the makeover by providing C21 with a number of free screens to reduce the financial outlay and go beyond the call of duty.
“The installation of the new screens not only coincided neatly with our corporate rebranding exercise but their sleek and stylish design, coupled with the brilliant cold white light they emit, has taken our windows to the next level,” adds Matt.
“They’re reflective of who we are as a company and where we are headed.”
Perhaps the highest praise one can receive is when a customer tells you he’s very happy to pass on a good word whenever and wherever he can – and that’s precisely what Matt is actively doing.
“The VitrineMedia experience has restored our belief that we’re not alone in believing in and providing exemplary service,” he stresses.
“They are great listeners, they understand where we’re at and where we wish to be, they work collaboratively to find mutually beneficial solutions, they have been meticulous in seeing to it that everything agreed to has been delivered as promised, and they’re always happy to provide professional advice or a helping hand.”