“VitrineMedia’s 100 per cent success rate takes Flight Centre to new, rarefied heights”
When VitrineMedia stands behind its promise that choosing its world-leading Backlit LED displays will deliver years and years of trouble-free visual marketing, it’s not cheap talk but a commitment based on experience.
Just ask Danny Do, Flight Centre’s Project Manager for Property and Technology, who has overseen the rollout of close on 10,000 VitrineMedia screens at some 800 Flight Centre retail stores across Australia over the past two years.
flight centre vitrinemedia retail led display travel agency
flight centre vitrinemedia retail led display travel agency
flight centre vitrinemedia retail led display travel agency
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He’ll tell you all about the wonderful experience; he’ll also wax lyrical about the passion and professionalism of the VitrineMedia team in planning and completing the July to November 2016 deployment in less than six months.
But even they pale into insignificance when he gets talking about the product itself – and the fact that in all this time and with so many screens up and running in numerous different destinations, there has not been a single hardware failure.
“In my line of work, a zero per cent hardware failure rate on a project of this scale is nothing short of amazing,” he says.
“It’s a testament to the entire VitrineMedia operation and vindicates our view that when you deal with a company that attends to all the product research and development, that manufactures the product, that carries out the stringent quality control checks and that has a presence in all major centres across the country, you’re not only buying the product but that vital by-product called peace of mind.
“Throughout an exhaustive and thorough procurement process, we found VitrineMedia outperformed, outpriced and outdelivered any competitor in the market nationally and globally.”
Danny reserves special praise for VitrineMedia Australia’s Managing Director Mike Toweel, Sales Manager Enrico Barone and the company’s co-founder, Benjamin Champagne who, until recently, headed up the VitrineMedia manufacturing plant.
“From the get-go, Mike’s and Enrico’s positivity and passion was infectious and, along with the VitrineMedia national team, provided a level of service that not only exceeded all expectation but had them feeling like an extended team from within our organisation,” Danny adds.
“On the international level, Benjamin was fundamental in cementing the relationship early on with prompt and comprehensive responses to all our questions; even going so far as to prepare overnight prototypes to support the answers we sought.”
The Flight Centre installation comprises a mix of screen sizes and quantities depending on the nature and location of the particular retail outlets, with all stores having a least one A1, a drop of four A2s and a further drop of four A3s and the larger sites multiple drops.
“Our shopfront windows are, second only to our staff, our biggest assets as they provide an opportunity to advertise our products, airfares and specials and increase our street presence. And since the installation of the VitrineMedia screens, we have not only experienced a surge in visits to our windows but have been inundated with favourable comments on the vibrancy of our displays.
“We’re now turning our attention to the remaining 300 stores in the Group – which includes the likes of Travel Associates and Student Flights – and aim to have all 1,100 outlets fitted with the flexible and modern VitrineMedia solution by the end of the current financial year.”