Power of ‘less is more’ philosophy underlined by VitrineMedia screens at Jim Aitken & Partners
Anyone in search of reassurance that the ‘less is more’ philosophy is both powerful and effective need only take a look at the Jim Aitken & Partners real estate business at Glenbrook in the foot of NSW’s Blue Mountains.
That’s where, in consultation with the VitrineMedia Australia team, a creative and airy window layout has turned what was a cluttered collection of property listings into a softer and more appealing display that also allows ample natural light to filter through to the busy office.
jim aitken partners window display
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As Manager of Jim Aitken & Partners Glenbrook Kieran Flanagan says, he has nothing but praise for them VitrineMedia solution and the people behind the backlit LED screens that now adorn his windows and maximise the visual marketing potential of his highly desirable location.
“We had lived the old aluminium displays for many years, the windows had become congested and a little unsightly and we desperately needed a fresh, more vibrant and appealing look,” says Kieran, who started out in real estate back in 2010 as a sales executive at Jim Aitken & Partners’ Penrith branch before working his way up to his current managerial position.
“We had seen how the VitrineMedia products at our other branches across the lower Blue Mountains region had transformed their appeal and when it was our turn to follow suit earlier this year, I remember immediately being struck by how engaging the team was.
“I was impressed by their eagerness to listen to and understand our thinking and needs before sharing their advice and experience.”
The parties then worked collaboratively to finalise a creative layout of A3 and A2 screens that utilises the space to deliver a bright and striking look that capitalises on Jim Aitken’s great location on a service road that runs parallel to the busy Great Western Highway.
“We now enjoy magnificent exposure to the many motorists passing by, as well as to the significant foot traffic generated mainly by the coffee shop next door,” notes Kieran.
The displays of 14 A2s and42 A3s across seven windows, with each window comprising a single row of two vertical A2s at the base and three rows of two horizontal A3s above, went in during August 2018 and have since been responsible for not only more visitations but a new sense of heightened pride across the office.
“We are now seeing more coffee shop patrons attracted to our windows and although many may not be quite ready to buy or sell, their browsing stamps the Jim Aitken & Partners brand in their minds and chances are when they arrive at the decision, our hat will, at the very least, be in the ring,” stresses Kieran.
“Inside the office, the simple but brilliant, reliable and user-friendly VitrineMedia technology has lifted the mood and morale of staff, with our receptionist whose job includes managing our window displays going so far as to tell us how much more enjoyable her job now is!”