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VitrineMedia LED screens lend bright and stylish solution to McGrath Avalon’s sunlight challenges
“We’re already the fastest growing agency in the network and these products mirror our commitment to innovative solutions and focused marketing programs that regularly exceed client expectations”.
With this crisp and concise quote, McGrath Estate Agents’ Client Service Manager in the group’s Avalon office at the upper end of Sydney’s northern beaches, Natalie Jones, summed up the thinking behind the agency’s July 2018 decision to revamp its ample window space with 44 VitrineMedia Backlit LED screens.
All A4s in size, the products replace the standard display cards the agency had relied on before being introduced to the eye-catching, energy-efficient and extensive VitrineMedia range at the 2018 AREC conference and exhibition on the Gold Coast in late May.
McGrath Avalon vitrinemedia window display
McGrath Avalon vitrinemedia window display
McGrath Avalon vitrinemedia window display
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“We were on the lookout for a new option given our commitment to innovation and client service,” explained Natalie, who doubles as the Executive Assistant to one of the Principals, James Baker.
“The added challenge posed by west-facing windows that spend much of the day showered in direct sunlight had us explore other options such as video displays but tests indicated that the harsh light would quickly wash out the images and render them almost impossible to see.
“When we saw the VitrineMedia products, their sleek design lines and bright visuals immediately reminded us of iPads and captured our interest. And once we had been taken through a demonstration by the company’s NSW Sales Manager Sue Agostino, we surmised that if the screens grabbed us at AREC, they would do the same to passing foot traffic, attracting them to our windows and holding their attention for longer than would normally be the case.”
Sue Agostino subsequently visited the McGrath Avalon office – the agency services seven neighbourhoods from Palm Beach to Newport – provided multiple window display ideas and solutions and validated the screens’ ability to sparkle in even the brightest direct sunlight.

“We were eager to get them installed as quickly as possible and again Sue displayed commendable professionalism in attending to all aspects, including dealing with two very busy principals, and in her inimitably personable manner, made the entire process incredibly smooth,” said Natalie.
It is just a few weeks since the display went in but there has already been a flurry of comments from customers and the general public, with the overwhelming sentiment being that they look amazing.
The attractive, modern-looking products have also given office morale a boost, with a definite new spring in the steps of staff rejuvenated by the agency’s fresh and stylish appearance.
“We’re sure the VitrineMedia solution, with its appeal, uncomplicated and user-friendly technology and affordable price tag will prove to be one of our best investments and a major boon for McGrath Avalon in the months and years ahead,” concluded Natalie.