Oz Combined Realty

VitrineMedia goes the extra mile to bring LED solution to Oz Combined Realty
When your philosophy is to go the extra mile for your customers, there’s an instant connect when a supplier imbued with the same values and commitment comes calling.
And so it was with Greg Walsh, the principal of Oz Combined Realty on New South Wales’ south coast when VitrineMedia’s NSW Sales Manager Delon Magua dropped in on a cold call to the company’s Huskisson Beach and Sanctuary Point offices earlier this year.
“We’re all about going beyond the call of duty for our clients and really appreciated it when Delon went the extra mile, quite literally, in travelling beyond the outskirts of Sydney to share his products with a regional business such as ours.”
oz combined realty vitrinemedia window display
oz combined realty vitrinemedia window display
oz combined realty vitrinemedia window display
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“He also returned a few weeks later to take our staff through a comprehensive demonstration of the entire VitrineMedia range of backlit LED window display systems but more than that, he went the extra mile in a figurative sense by working closely with me and our team to find the best solution at the most competitive price.”
Greg, who has since installed 150 A4 screens and six A3 screens at the Huskisson office and a further 45 A4 and 10 A3 screens at Sanctuary Point, recalled that he first came across backlit LED screens while visiting England and France a few years back. He was immediately taken by their sharp and brilliant light, the clarity of the images and their ability to capture attention and draw people in.
“Unfortunately, my research on my return to Australia indicated that, much as I would have liked to proceed, I couldn’t justify the expense. I never quite shelved the idea, though, and, my keenness for the product was reignited by Delon’s fortuitous arrival back in February this year.

“While the product’s simplicity and clean, stylish lines are most impressive, it’s the quality of the screens and their guarantees that are really important to us. We know that they require little or no maintenance and that’s a major big plus when your businesses are a good few hours from Sydney.
“You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re dealing with a reputable organisation and that the installation will shine bright – and without a hitch – for many years to come.”
Greg added that as a business, Oz Combined Realty has long prided itself on embracing technology to provide clients with the best possible service and experience.
“The VitrineMedia solution certainly ticks that box. It allows us to present clients’ properties in the best possible light, with greater numbers of people drawn to the windows, engaged and attentive for longer than would normally be the case. As a by-product, the professional look and feel it gives to both agencies has rubbed off on staff, upped morale and created an exciting buzz around the offices,” he explained.
Greg is equally enthusiastic about Delon Magua, who he said was always on hand throughout the project to ensure that it unfolded as planned. And with VitrineMedia holding a large amount of stock in its Sydney warehouse, he was able to deliver on Oz Combined Realty’s tight program, with installation completed just one week after the order was signed.