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125g A3 BACKLIT PAPER for Ink Jet Printer

VitrineMedia’s 125g backlit paper is specifically designed for printing your images on an Ink Jet printer giving you a clearer and sharper result.



Send a clear message and display your products using backlit technology. This will give you unrivaled light intensity and ensure optimal quality for your prints.

Please use the by-pass tray ONLY. Printing must be done on the matt side of the paper, so place the paper in the by-pass tray matt side up. The image source must be reversed (similar to a mirrored image) in order for the printing to be done correctly. The gloss side of the paper will act as a barrier preventing any bleeding of ink occurring.

Additional information

Weight2.85 kg


A3 size

29.7 x 42 cm

Number of sheets



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