Biggin & Scott Port Melbourne

VitrineMedia provides a ‘biggin’ bold LED solution to Port Melbourne’s Biggin & Scott office

Biggin & Scott has been a feature on the Melbourne landscape since the property boom of 1890 prompted the astute founding fathers to open a small business on Chapel Street. They and their successors have seen competitors come, they have seen them go; all the while enjoying a 130-year stability and success built on an unwavering commitment to reliability, trustworthiness, professionalism and a rather special knack for innovative marketing across the ages.

The Biggin & Scott Port Melbourne office might be an infant in the group, having opened for business a mere 19 years back, but it has been quick to grasp the Biggin & Scott personality and carve a niche for itself as a real estate agency that’s always looking for fresh and creative ways to make clients’ properties shine.


The most recent illustration has seen the installation of VitrineMedia backlit LED screens that, in the words of co-owner Emma Dudley, “has given our windows a new lease on life and made them glisten and gleam”.

Emma, who also serves as Biggin & Scott’s Port Melbourne General Manager, explains that when one of the three LCD monitors in the front window needed to be replaced but was no longer under warranty, she had no hesitation in moving to VitrineMedia.

“I had seen the VitrineMedia backlit LEDs in other agents’ windows around town and, being impressed by what I saw, I made a mental note that if and when we contemplated an upgrade, this suite of products would top my list,” she reveals.

“I was so taken by the modern and slim design of the screens and their attention-grabbing ability that I decided to remove all three LCDs and replace them with 10 A3 and 10 A4 screens, which now adorn four windows as opposed to the single window that housed the trio of LCD monitors.”

The impact since the March 2019 installation has exceeded even Emma’s expectations, with the far more cost-effective solution – they’re energy-efficient and low maintenance and come with a guaranteed 80,000 hours of life – providing greater exposure and leading to a raft of favourable comments from customers, potential customers, staff and the general public.

“The brilliant back lighting and clarity ensures that the displayed property cards now enjoy a level of visibility that’s already attracting more potential buyers and tenants,” she continues.

“Not only have we noticed an increase in the number of people who visit our windows and enter the premises and expect this to lead to greater business activity, but our always energetic staff absolutely love the new look and feel even more invigorated by their stylish new workspace!”

“Personally, I am really proud of our VitrineMedia window displays and delighted with the results.”

She’s just as happy with the all-round professionalism of the VitrineMedia team led by Victoria State Manager Mark Carrick.

“Mark was at all times knowledgeable and personable and a pleasure to deal with. We are extremely happy with every aspect of the VitrineMedia experience and highly recommend them to anyone looking to give their windows a lift and greater exposure to their products and services.”

Ian Hammond

Ian is the CEO and co-founder of HammaJack. He is a lawyer turned content writer, turned digital strategist, turned entrepreneur with a penchant for data-driven marketing. You can usually find him trawling through articles in the more esoteric corners of Medium; and don’t be shocked when you get a Slack message at 2am with one of his patented “shower thoughts”.