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Case Stdies for Kevin Annetts before and after
Kevin Annets

Kevin Annetts readily admits he’s not the easiest guy to get across the line in negotiations – and that, he’s quick and happy to concede, speaks volumes for both the VitrineMedia LED Backlit Window system he purchased back in 2015 and the company’s Queensland State Sales Manager Enrico Barone.
He’s also happy to acknowledge that it’s perhaps the best decision he has made in almost 40 successful years in real estate, calling the new display in the windows at Kevin Annetts Property on the Sunshine Coast “the best in town” and crediting it as a major factor in a growing number of vendors deciding to list with the company.
“We recently recorded our personal best month and I put a lot of it down to the VitrineMedia installation,” Kevin said.
“Our market up here is increasingly competitive and demands that the successful players have everything of the best – the best people, the best database, the best computer systems and the best marketing tools.
“And since our investment in the VitrineMedia product, we’ve had a steady stream of people coming into the office to tell us that they love our window display, it’s what sold them on us in the first place and it’s why they’d like us to market their properties.”
He recalls how, having started in real estate in 1979 and spent much of his time in partnership roles with the local Ray White franchises, he took the bold step to go it alone some 36 years later.
He’d purchased an existing real estate business – tired card displays included – renamed and rebranded it and was just starting out under the Kevin Annetts Property banner when Enrico Barone arrived unannounced and politely told him his windows reflected a bygone era and were in need of a serious facelift.
“While I admired his honesty, I was a bit taken aback and defended myself by telling him I knew as much as I’d just purchased the business from an agent who didn’t have much vision – and even less capital to invest in upgrades,” he continued.
“I told him, too, that I’d heard of VitrineMedia and actually seen the product in two agencies in the neighbourhood, but an upgrade from the window cards right now was out of my league.

“To his credit – and to my benefit – Enrico proved to be as persistent as he was polite and took me through a presentation. Undeterred by failing to get even a nibble, he went away and a week or so later, returned with a couple of very keen prices and a selection of artist impressions of what the premises could look like.”
They were fantastic and hinted at an immediate and dramatic transformation of his double-sided corner office alongside the popular Mantra Mooloolaba Beach Hotel. This time, Kevin did nibble, but the bite didn’t come until a while later and not before a little more haggling.
He was sold and has not looked back.
He’s also generous in his praise of Enrico, who he said was instrumental in the company choosing to go with large format A3 landscape displays, 20 of which fill the window fronting the hotel entrance and another 20 in the street-facing window.
“Enrico encouraged us to go big and bold and it was the right decision as the prominent A3 landscapes appeal to the vendors as they know their properties will be showcased in eye-catching A3 frames lit up 24/7 by VitrineMedia’s beautifully slim and bright light,” Kevin added.
“He’s also a gem of a man who is always true to his word, always just a phone call away and always ready to help.”

Case Studies for LJH Pacific Pines before and after
LJ Hooker Pacific Pines

When a revamp of your shopfront windows has your neighbours and the foot traffic that nudges upwards of 20,000 people per week thinking you’ve undergone ‘another wholesale renovation’, you can be sure what’s in the window is making a favourable impression.
And that’s precisely what occurred at the LJ Hooker Real Estate branch in Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast when licensee Pascal Pierre decided to replace the premises’ old magnetic frame window displays with the new VitrineMedia LED Backlit Window Displays back in 2015.
As Pascal recalls, the company completed a comprehensive internal renovation in 2012, when the interior was gutted and new carpeting, fittings and furnishings revamped the office and gave it a chic and modern look.
“So when the VitrineMedia displays went in a couple of years back and the overwhelming response from neighbours and shoppers was “wow, you’ve done another revamp already…that’s amazing”, we knew just how impressive these new products from VitrineMedia were and how they injected that last bit of pizzazz to everything we seek to do,” Pascal said.
“We know we’re dealing with people’s most valuable asset and we know that they want to be sure of the professionalism of the organisation before appointing us to look after their sale.
“So it’s vital that everything we do, from our website to the attire of our staff and the condition of the office, conveys a clean, professional, modern and caring aura, people feel comfortable giving us their business and are confident we’ll get them the best outcome.
“As I said, the arrival of the VitrineMedia products signalled the last – but very important – piece falling into place…and it has certainly helped to attract more business from vendors and draw more potential buyers and renters to our windows and into our office.”
Pascal remembers well, too, the day he met VitrineMedia’s Queensland State Sales Manager Enrico Barone at an industry event and refers to it as “something of a red letter day as it gave me the solution I knew I wanted but wasn’t sure existed.”

“Our old magnetic frames just weren’t cutting it, with the direct sun all too frequently causing the displays to move out of alignment or even fall to the floor,” Pascal continued.
“Enrico not only introduced me to the product but went out of his way to talk me through the various options and share possible window designs, even going so far as to loan us a couple of displays so we could have a bit of a ‘try before you buy’ play with the screens.”
The installation befitting the modern, high-profile corner office of seven expansive windows sees five of the windows each carrying four A3 landscapes of properties for sale, a rentals window with eight A3 landscapes and a window with four A3 portraits – and all in an appealing and inviting fashion that’s visible day and night.
On dealing with VitrineMedia, Pascal pays the highest compliment by stating that pain is the last word he’d associated with the relationship!
“Enrico and his team were great listeners, taking on board our views and coming back with advice on how best to utilise the window space and life the shopfront from bland to brilliant.
“That was painless, as was the set-up, the installation and the ongoing customer service. And even when a display fell and broke a few months back, VitrineMedia was on site within hours of being notified, painlessly installing a replacement screen.”

Case Studies of Remax Carindale before and after
REMAX Carindale

Husband and wife team Rod and Gaby McEwan certainly share a united vision.
It’s what brought them together as a couple, it’s what drove them to purchase the RE/MAX real estate agency in the Brisbane suburb of Carina that just happens to be named RE/MAX United Vision.
And it’s what sold them on the VitrineMedia LED Backlit Window Displays as the sharpest, most energy efficient, impactful and appealing way to display their shopfront listings to a busy captive audience.
As Rod recalls, he and Gaby knew the two television sets in the agency’s window, carrying its 60 listings on a loop, weren’t cutting it from a marketing, exposure and visibility perspective.
“We saw it with our own eyes,” he said.
“We’re on a busy street with plenty of foot traffic, we have a bus stop right outside our front door that’s thronging with people throughout the day…and yet we seldom if ever saw anyone bothering to walk up to the window and take a look at what we had on offer.
“And while we were aware of the shortcomings of the televisions – the glare off the window makes it difficult to see what’s on the screens and with properties displayed on a loop, if you catch the tail end of one you’re interested in, you have to hang around for a good few minutes until it reappears – we weren’t aware of a solution.”
That all changed one Saturday morning while shopping in suburban Brisbane and coming across a real estate business with the VitrineMedia solution in its windows.
You could say the couple’s shared vision again kicked in and was immediately in sharp focus.
The McEwans have since installed 60 A3 displays, the first 30 going in during March 2017 and the balance just before the financial year ended in June 2017.
“The impact was almost instantaneous,” continued Rod.
“A lot of people are now drawn to the window, with most spending a fair amount of time observing the listings and some even going a step further and coming in to make enquires or chat about how we might help to sell their home.

“We can only put this down to the brilliant clarity and sharpness of the VitrineMedia LED displays, which makes them highly visible and inviting during the day and a veritable beacon at night.”
Both Rod and Gaby are also highly complimentary of the VitrineMedia team, describing the entire experience as “an absolute pleasure.”
“VitrineMedia’s Queensland State Sales Manager Enrico Barone and Sydney-based Managing Director Mike Toweel epitomised professionalism, provided astute advice and great ideas on how best to utilise our window space, and delivered on promise,” Rod added.
“We got what we wanted, we had it installed on time and we were kept in the picture every step of the way. And when you find the entire experience so hassle free and professional, you can’t but recommend the product and the people to others – which is precisely what we’ve done.”

Case Study Chevron Realty before and after
Chevron Realty

‘Quality service’ can sometimes be overused and overstated as a point of difference but at Chevron Realty on Queensland’s bustling Gold Coast, they’re two words the company lives by and readily ascribes much of its ongoing success and longevity to.
They’re also two words that prompted the long-established real estate agency’s Director Paul Hewitt to add another two words to their corporate lexicon: VitrineMedia Australia.
“When you’re committed to quality and quality service, you’re always on the lookout for the most professional ways to do business, to interact with your customers and to provide them with the best possible experience,” Paul said.
“So when we came across the VitrineMedia LED Backlit Window Displays at a real estate event in Sydney earlier this year, we knew immediately that this was a product that fitted neatly into our quality service narrative and would offer us another vital point of difference.
“The panels not only provide us with the sharpest, most impactful and appealing way to share our sales and rental listings with the market but in this day and age of spiralling and seemingly uncontrollable power prices, they’re also the most energy efficient solution.”
Chevron Realty has since installed 15 double-sided A3 screens to replace the three television screens it previously used to advertise its listings and Paul couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
The electricity bill has been slashed, the quality of the presentation has been enhanced, the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, there are signs that enquiries are on the up and there’s a genuine sense of pride among the staff, knowing the company is again living its ‘quality service’ commitment.
“The television screens’ major shortcoming, apart from the not insignificant ongoing electricity costs, were that with the listings on a loop, the screens kept changing pictures and potential clients had to wait until the slide they were interested in returned,” Paul added.
The quality service extends beyond the product, with Paul generous in his praise for VitrineMedia’s Queensland State Sales Manager Enrico Barone, describing his pre- and post-sales service and support, along with his work around the installation, as “exemplary”.

“Enrico was always just a phone call away and most professional in all his dealings. He explained the products and how best we could maximise our investment, which prompted us to go with 15 double-sided A3 screens that allow us to have 15 displays looking outward and a further 15 looking inward.
“And if we need more room, the flexibility is there to double the number of displays by showcasing them in A4 size.
“Once he’d installed the product, he fully explained how it all worked and has since been in touch on a number of occasions just to check that all is running well.
“With the VitrineMedia technology being affordable, most user-friendly and presenting the product in a highly appealing manner – and with the professionalism of the people behind the product – we have certainly taken our quality service commitment to a new level and, I believe, left many of our competitors in our wake!”

Laing and Simmonds Banner
Laing and Simmons at night

Sometimes, we’re just so impressed by something we come across that we’re
determined to make it a part of our lives, today, tomorrow and wherever the
future takes us.

For Rod Fitzgerald, the Head of Corporate Partnerships and Events at the Dexar
Group – owners of Sydney-based Laing and Simmons and two other real estate
brands in Canberra – that ‘something’ happens to be the LED Backlit Window
Display which he immediately recognised as “hugely exciting” when VitrineMedia
Australia’s Managing Director Mike Toweel first introduced the product to him
some four years ago.

Back then, Rod was part of the LJ Hooker corporate team in the company’s
Sydney head office; VitrineMedia very much in its infancy in Australia, the
French-based company having just opened a local branch tasked with building
the brand across the region and complementing its presence in Europe, Africa,
South America and North America.

But such was the impression the product and the personnel behind it made that
Rod and his colleagues felt an immediate click and a pioneering spirit.
It wasn’t long before the arrangement had been formalised, with VitrineMedia
going on to sponsor and feature at a number of LJ Hooker events and,
unsurprisingly, ending up in the shopfronts of a good few LJ Hooker real estate

Then two years ago, Rod made a career move to Dexar Group.

He takes up the story…

“Given my initial experience with VitrineMedia Australia and Mike Toweel – who,
incidentally, is one of the most genuine and passionate advocates of a product I’ve
ever met and intensely committed to making the real estate sector a brighter
place – I was determined to take the relationship with me if you will.

“After all, I had seen first-hand how the product had turned a lot of our
shopfronts from the mundane – in some cases even boring – to veritable
lighthouses. The LED screens quite literally lit them up, instantly showcasing the
properties we had for sale or rent…and best of all, this was reflected in a boost
in interest, activity, and sales,” he said.

The impact has been similarly impressive at the Dexar Group, with all 16 of the
company’s 55 offices to have already invested in the displays experiencing
above-average sales growth.

Each office has, on average, about 15 displays, accounting for the almost 250
units installed across the Dexar Group.

“As our corporate partners have been prudently selected on the basis of the
fantastic product they offer and the people behind the product, we certainly
encourage all offices in the group undergoing a revamp or opening new premises
to consider the VitrineMedia product and so expect our installed base to increase
dramatically in the years ahead,” Rod continued.

He added, too, that it was particularly pleasing to recently hear a colleague wax
lyrical about their effect on his business.

“He mentioned that his real estate agency is immediately opposite a busy bus
stop and before the advent of VitrineMedia, the passengers would alight and
walk past, without so much as a glance.

“Once the VitrineMedia LED displays had gone in, it was a different story
altogether. The agency became a beacon, its shopfront alive and aglow – and
people now stop, turn towards the agency window and take a look at what’s on

“That’s the magnetic power of a product that, while looking spectacular in new
offices is also able to transform the older, more daggy ones by giving them a
serious – and instant – facelift that injects new life and improves traffic to the

Rod further mentioned that the strength of the corporate partnership between
the two companies would be on display at the Dexar Group’s upcoming
conference in Noosa, where some of VitrineMedia’s exciting new features
currently being piloted in France will be road-tested for the first time in

But everything is still under wraps, so that’s a story for another time…

Suits and display screens may, at first glance, seem a rather incongruous,
perhaps even eclectic mishmash – but when you’re Barry Plant Real Estate, it
makes perfect, harmonious sense.

Just ask Mark Lynch, the partner with business development responsibilities at
the highly respected real estate group – it has been voted Australia’s top
performer in both sales and property management in recent years – that has
some 84 offices across metropolitan and regional Victoria and recently moved
into the South Australian market with its first branch in the Adelaide suburb of

“Our success is based on delivering the very best in customer service and always
being on the lookout for new products and services that will further enhance that
special experience ” said Mark.

“So when we had feedback from our customers a few years back that they
preferred to view a static, brochure-like display in our windows rather than the
scrolling videos of a TV loop, we started to look into ways of meeting their needs
– and that’s when we discovered the VitrineMedia Backlit LED window displays.”
So where does the suit’s reference come in, then?

Well, as Mark puts it, if you wish to stand out as a business person and portray a
professional personal brand, a good starting point is to invest in a quality,
tailored suit that fits like a glove, looks great on you, presents you as smart and
modern and ensures that you appeal to and resonate with the modern

“That’s essentially why we decided on the VitrineMedia product and recommend
it as the display of choice for all our offices when they undergo upgrades or
renovations – or, indeed, when new branches open,” continued Mark.

“We know there are cheaper options out there, just as there are cheap suits, but
we also know that the VitrineMedia displays are of the highest quality. They look
great, the clarity is far superior, they make our properties stand out around the
clock – and they’re particularly impressive at night – and they offer exceptional
functionality and flexibility.

“But perhaps best of all, they’re backed by excellent pre- and after-sales service
and support from the VitrineMedia Australia team, who are readily available via
the phone, email, Facebook and in person.

“They have always come to the party and gone out of their way to meet our
needs, in an accommodating, friendly and professional manner.”
As would be expected across a group of some 85 outlets, each Barry Plant
principal is encouraged to customise the look and feel of their premises to best
suit the market they’re in.

And while VitrineMedia responds to the brief given by each location, it also offers
design and layout suggestions, along with recommendations on the display sizes
– from large format A0 through to A4 – to best attract people’s eyes to the real
estate agent’s windows.

Barry Plant Real Estate has already installed 818 VitrineMedia screens at 25

“The VitrineMedia product and team are now an integral part of our service
offering that aims to ensure that customers enjoy a hassle-free experience while
getting the optimal result,” added Mark.

“We look forward to working with them well into the future as we refurbish
existing stores, open new branches and present Barry Plant Real Estate in the
best possible light.”

If you’d like to learn how VitrineMedia’s backlit LED window display solutions for
point of sale visual display areas can help to present your products and services
in the most favourable and appealing manner, enhance customer relations and
increase profitability, please contact Mike Toweel at VitrineMedia on 0404 922

When a display at a conference and exhibition stands out and immediately
attracts your attention, there’s a strong chance its products on your premises
will do likewise.

That was the immediate thought to cross Colin Martin’s mind when the owner of
the boutique Martin Real Estate on busy O’Connell Street in North Adelaide saw
the VitrineMedia stand at the 2016 Australian Real Estate Convention (AREC) on
the Gold Coast.

VitrineMedia Australia is part of the worldwide network of French-based
VitrineMedia, with operations across Europe, Australasia, Africa, South America
and North America.

“I’m a subscriber to the first impressions last maxim and am constantly on the
lookout for solutions that present the business in the best possible light,
especially as we have such a fantastic location on a busy street in an upmarket
inner city suburb and need to make the most of the wonderful opportunities this
presents,” said Colin, who established the business some 39 years ago.

“So when the VitrineMedia stand at AREC, with its layout of backlit window LED
displays, caught my eye and lured me in, I remember thinking that if it does this
to me, it’s highly likely to have the same effect on customers and passers-by
and increase the visitations to our window.

“I chatted with VitrineMedia’s Managing Director Mike Toweel and his team,
learnt more about the products and the various options and sizes available,
discussed and agreed on payment arrangements and placed the order there and

“That’s how impressed I was with the colour, clarity and brilliant simplicity of
VitrineMedia’s LED displays.”

Some six months later, in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2016, the
company’s Manager for the Southern States, Mark Carrick, was in town to attend
to the installation of 28 A1 displays in the windows of Martin Real Estate.

The chosen size and the creative layout combined to deliver an almost
immediate and overwhelmingly positive impact, with the dominant A1 size
allowing properties to be displayed in a vibrant and energetic fashion and so
drawing attention to and for the office.

Customers and interested parties have all been complimentary in their response,
the general theme being that they look fantastic and are especially striking at

Colin added that working with the VitrineMedia team throughout the process had
been most satisfying, with Mark always on hand to provide advice and attend to
any issues that may arise.

I guess the only regret is that we’ve run out of window space,” concluded Colin.
If you’d like to learn how VitrineMedia’s backlit LED window display solutions for
point of sale visual display areas can help to present your products and services
in the most favourable and appealing manner, enhance customer relations and
increase profitability, please contact Mike Toweel at VitrineMedia on 0404 922

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