I can’t speak highly enough about the VitrineMedia products and the people. The displays, with the brilliant white light they emit and their powerful luminosity, have ensured that we not only have the most attractive windows in town, but that we’re officially the brightest spot in Bright!

We have found that in the two weeks since installation, our window visitations are significantly up. People are stopping in their tracks, drawn by the cold white light and spending longer taking in what’s on offer.

We have even had members of the public pop their heads in to comment on how attractive and brilliantly stylish the new display is.

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Ian Hammond

Ian is the CEO and co-founder of HammaJack. He is a lawyer turned content writer, turned digital strategist, turned entrepreneur with a penchant for data-driven marketing. You can usually find him trawling through articles in the more esoteric corners of Medium; and don’t be shocked when you get a Slack message at 2am with one of his patented “shower thoughts”.