First National Murray Bridge

First National Murray Bridge keeps moving forward with VitrineMedia LED screens

With more than three decades in the real estate industry, the last 16 years having been spent heading up First National Murray Bridge, Sylvia Presepio has a great feel for what delivers a sale.

And in an increasingly cluttered and competitive market characterised by well-informed buyers and sellers who have done their homework and know precisely what they’re after – and what it should cost – it’s the incremental things that the Principal says make the difference.

Like VitrineMedia’s backlit static LED displays!

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“We are all operating in an increasingly sophisticated environment where standing still actually equates to going backwards,” Sylvia explains.

“We have to keep on our toes, we have to innovate and identify points of difference and we have to create the most pleasing experience for customers if we hope to stay ahead and enjoy success. While there is no doubt that we have to offer those givens such as the personal and professional skills of honesty, integrity, industry knowledge and a genuine commitment to customer service, it is also true that points of difference work in our favour.

“The VitrineMedia screens – First National Murray Bridge has a mixture of 24 A3s and three A2s in its windows, the former featuring property cards and the latter promotional messages – are testament to that, having played a key role in our marketing,” she adds.

The VitrineMedia screens were installed in mid-2018 as one of the final acts of First National Murray Bridge’s office extensive refurbishment after Sylvia saw them at work in the Flight Centre travel outlet in the town’s major shopping centre. The first – and still only – screens of their kind on the main street of this South Australian riverside town some 60 kilometres from Adelaide, they have become something of an attraction.

Interested parties and passers-by alike are drawn to the window like months to a candle and Sylvia gladly acknowledges the products have helped to increase the customer base.

“In fact, I’m always quick to tell would-be sellers that in addition to our professional expertise, we have the best property cards in town, that they have an alluring appeal, and that they glow by day and by night and display their properties in the coolest, brightest screens in the district,” Sylvia enthuses.

“It has become a great selling point as prospective customers immediately appreciate the added value of the displays, their cold white light presenting properties in the most natural tones and appealing manner.”

First National has since installed three VitrineMedia A2 screens in the angled windows adjacent to the front entrance, all devoted to corporate profile raising and brand building.

Sylvia further notes that VitrineMedia’s nationwide presence, with a dedicated office in Adelaide, has also given First National Murray Bridge peace of mind and the benefit of great customer service.

“The SA State Manager Paul Robinson is just a telephone call away and always willing to pop out to Murray Bridge at short notice to help out when we have even the slightest issue.

“That’s reassuring – and leaves us very happy with our entire VitrineMedia experience. And if I can share a little secret, I’m so thrilled with what the screens are doing for our shopfront that I’ve been known to take a drive past the premises on a good few occasions just to bask in their pleasant glow.”

Ian Hammond

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