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VitrineMedia screens provide warm glow to GNF through industry big chill

They say there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

It’s a truism George & Fuhrmann (GNF) Real Estate is happy to place great store in and share around the office given the comforting role VitrineMedia’s static backlit LED screens have played in keeping the company and its three outlets – in Casino and Bangalow in northern New South Wales and Warwick on the Queensland side of the border – ticking over through the recent bumpy patch.

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“Perhaps the highest praise I can give VitrineMedia is that while many in the real estate sector in our part of the world have been lamenting the icy grip the industry has found itself in over the past year or so, with both listings and sales on the decline, we have pretty much ticked over,” says GNF Real Estate’s Office Manager, Greg Ellis.

“Yes, we are a well-established business, having been in operation since 1976, And yes, we have a very good reputation for a wealth of local and industry knowledge, as well as offering a personalised service and delivering on our promise.”

“Make no mistake, all these factors have helped to ensure that our sales figures have remained constant while many of our competitors have experienced a fall.”

“But we’re also all of the firm belief that the addition of the VitrineMedia products, which started with the installation of 50 A3 screens in Casino some 18 months back, has played a significant part in GNF Real Estate not only riding out the storm but looking to a bright future.”

“And that, in anyone’s language, represents a sound investment that delivers great returns.”

More recently, GNF Real Estate added 74 A4 screens to the Warwick office and a further 40 A3 and 20 A4 screens to the windows of the Bangalow outlet.

Greg adds that he and his colleagues knew immediately they saw a selection of photographs of other VitrineMedia installations, sent to them by the company’s Queensland Sales Manager, Enrico Barone, following a cold call back in late 2017, that they needed to change tack.

“We looked at our Perspex displays, we looked at the photos of the VitrineMedia displays and we all said ‘wow, that’s a serious difference’.

“The allure was unmistakeable and we could see that the clean and uncluttered property cards came to life during the day and doubly so at night. We also instantly appreciated that the bright illumination and brilliant colours would not only lure passers-by to the windows but hold their gaze for a considerable amount of time.”

Greg notes, too, that while GNF Real Estate’s personalised service has always meant customers have a single point of contact within the company, in the form of a sales or letting agent, the GNF philosophy is that it’s a team, with every member there do step in and help when required.

“By attracting locals and visitors to our windows and advertising the people behind the business as well as the products and services offer, each one of the 184 VitrineMedia static backlit LED screens is now a most valued – and welcome – new team member,” he says.

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Ian Hammond

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