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The day VitrineMedia screens turned Ezaz Ahamad’s exasperation to joy

Ezaz Ahamad is a mild-mannered gentleman, but, of course, everyone has their limits, their breaking points when they get exasperated…

And for Ezaz, the co-owner and director of new real estate company, The Agents, in the outer south western Melbourne suburb of Williams Landing, that point came when his cheap fake LED screens turned out to have all the dazzle of a tired Victorian-era streetlamp. (Check out or article about why you shouldn’t buy fake LED screens!)

Worse was to follow when the company behind the product took a somewhat apathetic approach to the client’s disappointment and dissatisfaction, basically shrugging their shoulders and displaying little appetite for finding the problem and delivering a solution.

“I started the business with a former colleague and now co-owner and director, Mitin Arora, in late March this year and we both agreed that, as new faces on the competitive Melbourne residential and commercial real estate landscape, we needed to make a statement,” explains Ezaz.

“And our windows provided the perfect canvas, being expansive and looking out over the busy shopping centre car park.”

Ezaz had seen backlit LED screens in a neighbouring real estate business and naively assumed that a backlit LED screen was, well, a backlit LED screen. He did some online research, found a supplier and ordered the product just weeks out from The Agents’ grand opening on 31 March 2019.

“When installed, they looked nothing like the screens I has seen in the neighbouring business,” recalls Ezaz.

“Theirs shone like a beacon, ours was dull and uninspiring; theirs had a modern, elegant and slim design whereas ours were decidedly clunky; and theirs were attention-grabbing compared with our lacklustre collection.”

“What was even more disappointing was being told rather nonchalantly by the supplier that nothing could be done…well, at least not by them.

“I immediately revisited the neighbouring business, took a closer look and saw the word ‘VitrineMedia’ on their screens’ frames. Next I called the cheap imitation crowd and told them to remove their fakes – and then contacted VitrineMedia’s Victorian State Manager, Mark Carrick.”

Ezaz says he was bowled over by the contrast. Mark jumped into action, obtained measurements and photographs of the windows and within a day, had come back with design ideas and associated quotes.

Ezaz and his partner settled on a design of 10 VitrineMedia A3 static backlit LED screens and within a matter of days, the stock had been delivered, the installation had been completed and The Agents’ windows had been transformed – and all before the grand opening.

The Agents Photo.jpg

While just over three months since the screens went in, Ezaz is unequivocal: the brilliant cold white light that’s a quintessential component of VitrineMedia’s technology is playing its part in attracting more potential buyers and tenants to the business.

“It’s an intoxicating light that you simply cannot ignore – and when it draws you in, its soothing qualities hold you virtually spellbound,” Ezaz continues.

“We have had just about everyone, from customers and potential customers to staff, competitors and the general public, comment favourably, but most importantly, we’re starting to see what I call ‘the VitrineMedia’ effect’ on our bottom line.”

But what completely blew Ezaz’s mind was the price of the VirtrineMedia product.

With the French-headquartered company having invested years into research and development before manufacturing a product that comes with a guaranteed 80,000 hours on the life of the LED panel, runs off the sniff of the proverbial oily rag and is awash with warranties, its price was just marginally more than the cheap fakes.

“It reminded me that in life, when you go with a cheap alternative, it invariably comes at a heavy price,” says Ezaz.

“It reminded me, too, that we should never forget that price is what you pay; value is what you get – and with VitrineMedia, we have had great value every step of the way.”

Ian Hammond

Ian is the CEO and co-founder of HammaJack. He is a lawyer turned content writer, turned digital strategist, turned entrepreneur with a penchant for data-driven marketing. You can usually find him trawling through articles in the more esoteric corners of Medium; and don’t be shocked when you get a Slack message at 2am with one of his patented “shower thoughts”.