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Smudgy fingerprints confirm that VitrineMedia screens in sync with ZINC Noosa’s marketing efforts

It’s not often that you celebrate having to clean your shopfront window each morning to remove the mish-mash of smudgy fingerprints that popped up overnight but for ZINC Noosa Real Estate’s Colette Motts, it’s a joyous moment as it’s affirmation that the company’s VitrineMedia backlit LED screens keep showcasing the business long after the doors have been pulled shut for the day.

As ZINC Noosa’s official Holiday Administrator and unofficial upkeeper of the window displays, Colette says it’s a “beautiful sight” to see the mosaic of smudges on the outside of the premises’ windows each day as she arrives at work.


“Each one tells me that we’re capturing the after dark foot traffic that’s driven by the numerous pubs and restaurants in the vicinity, that passers-by are not only drawn to the windows but are so engaged that they reach out to ‘touch’ the bright and stylish screens, that our screens are supporting our marketing efforts 24/7 and that we are capitalising on our prominent location on Noosa’s busy Hastings Street,” she enthuses.

The 30 VitrineMedia A3 screens spread across two windows were installed in August 2018 following Colette’s arrival at ZINC Noosa and after she had been introduced to the products at her previous job.

She recalls how impressed she had been by the screens and even though her then employer didn’t proceed down the VitrineMedia path, an innate trait told her to hold onto the business card of VitrineMedia’s Queensland Sales Manager, Enrico Barone.

“I had a gut feel that I’d need it at some future point and soon after arriving at ZINC Noosa and being blown away by its outstanding location, I suggested to the principals Jon Kelly and Robyn Opperman that these LED screens I’d once seen would help us to really capitalise on our desirable location.

“Within weeks, Enrico had visited and his product presentation left both Jon and Robyn in no doubt that VitrineMedia’s products of stylish simplicity could – and would – showcase listings in a beautifully slim screen enhanced by brilliant white light and capture the attention of both the daytime shoppers and the evening’s restaurant and pub patrons.”

Colette adds that since installation, the VitrineMedia screens have not disappointed. ZINC Noosa has received a deluge of favourable comments from the general public, clients and potential clients and staff – and the products have impacted positively on the business’ bottom line.

“We have loved them from the moment they went in and that love remains as strong as it did back in August 2018. Indeed, it’s probably fair to say that it has grown even stronger as we see more people visiting our windows and many taking it a step further by entering our office to talk about what we have on offer.”

“This personal interaction has inevitably led to new customers, it has generated sales and helped to reinforce our standing as arguably the area’s most progressive and innovative real estate business that embraces the latest technologies as part of a push to offer a premium level of service across sales, permanent rentals and holiday accommodation.”

The impressive products have been matched by Enrico Barone, whose helpful and obliging disposition Colette describes as “absolutely first class.”

“He’s just as impressive as the products and we all know that in VitrineMedia, we have found a partner in synch with our philosophy and approach to business.”

Ian Hammond

Ian is the CEO and co-founder of HammaJack. He is a lawyer turned content writer, turned digital strategist, turned entrepreneur with a penchant for data-driven marketing. You can usually find him trawling through articles in the more esoteric corners of Medium; and don’t be shocked when you get a Slack message at 2am with one of his patented “shower thoughts”.