VitrineMedia is one of the world’s leading solution providers of Window Dressings & LED Signs 
tailored to meet your visual display requirements.

Our expertise covers solutions designed to optimise your visibility as people feel attracted to the clean,
fresh LED Displays, leading to higher traffic volumes and increased revenue streams.

VitrineMedia’s Window Dressings are designed to attract
the maximum amount of customers to your shopfront.


What Are LED Window Dressings

LED Window Dressings are storefront displays that showcase that store’s offers, products or selling points. VitrineMedia’s LED Window Dressings are lightweight static screens that illuminate printed materials.

Because of their simplistic design the LED Window Dressings can be configured in a number of different ways to highlight all sorts of store offers.

Where LED Window Dressings Can Be Used

Popular in the real estate industry for showing off properties, these static LED backlit displays are becoming increasingly popular with store owners in industries as diverse as retail, food service and marketing.

The LED Sign Displays can be used by anyone who wants to grow their foot traffic and show off products in store.

The Benefits of LED Window Dressings

LED Window Dressings produce a more intense light, whilst consuming less energy. In simple terms, an ordinary light bulb would need to consume 64 KW to provide the same light intensity as a VitrineMedia LED Window Dressing only using 3.83 KW.

LED Window Dressings Products

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